Beef netting for spider webs (9kg)

Used to create spooktacular webs for both indoor and outdoor displays, our beef netting is a favorite among Halloween enthusiasts.



9 kg / approx. 237.7 m

The Beef Netting is sold in a tube form. To make spider webs, cut the tube to the desired length and on one side to make a flat panel. Afterwards, the panel must be stretched, the length and width must be extended tightly. Using scissors or a utility knife, cut the panel in several areas, making holes of different sizes to obtain the desired spider web. For best results, stretch as much as possible and secure in place.

It is always possible to cut holes without stretching it and then fix it.

This product is very stretchy.

The tube is approx. 30 cm wide and cut flat, about 60 cm.

(100% Polyester) White color.

A flame retardant can be applied.